Kaylyn Pierce-Coggins is a BFA student of the School of the Art Institute set to graduate in May of 2019. She specialises in 2-D animation and Concept art. Her work is built around the inner workings of her own fantastical worlds and stories. Her latest short animation, My Chinchilla is the Demon King?!, tells the tale of a boy, a demon and a chinchilla’s first meeting. The film is debuting at the Gene Siskel’s Film festival May 2019.

Azoth the Implup Implup Species Mascot Azoth. India ink lineart, Digital color, Fall 2017
Valafar Turn-Around Turn around design for the villianous demon in "My Chinchilla is the Demon King?!". Digital, Fall 2018
Self Portrait Self Portrait. Chalk Pastels, Spring 2018