Saturday, May 11 - 5:15 p.m.
Gene Siskel Film Center

Program 11: A Dance to End the Anthropocene

Saturday, May 11

5:15 p.m. – 68 min

Offering by Victoria Vanderpool, 3:10

In Hot Time by Leah Solomon and Jesus Hilario Reyes, 14:00

In The Sweet Arms by Julian Flavin, 50:00

The three works presented in A Dance to End the Anthropocene have a lot to say about bodies, sound, and collective experience. Victoria Vanderpool sets the dance off with Offering, a strange and flickering beach ritual; a document of analog self-surveillance. In Leah Solomon and Jesus Hilario Reyes’ work In Hot Time, this dance gets its beat, and a death drop. This collage of performance, found footage, and intricate sound design is—quite literally—a hurricane of queer, Black, and Brown voices both contemporary and historical. The piece gracefully weaves together cultural symbols and practices, giving them space to coalesce in a new and present light. Julian Flavin’s In The Sweet Arms gives new context to the experience of sound. Flavin acts as a DJ of sorts, re-mixing and re-defining cultural constructs and practices surrounding sound and music in this astute experimental documentary. These works desire endings, but create new euphonic beginnings in the process.

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