Wednesday, May 8 - 9:15 p.m.
Gene Siskel Film Center

Program 3: Fading Histories

Wednesday, May 8

9:15 p.m. – 72 min

Kindness by Eduardo F. Rosario, 31:45

Two Tigers by Wang, Yao-Yi, 40:00

Fading Histories pairs two works based in mystical and political histories, strained through subjective realities. Opening with Kindness, a meditative sound work by Eduardo F. Rosario, the mood is set to let the viewer’s (or here, listener’s) mind wander, drifting to nostalgic mental planes, an experience of making the known unknown. Two Tigers, a video work by Wang, Yao-Yi, is at times purely experimental, sometimes narrative, and overall possibly a documentary. Using place as a jumping off point, this piece expands on the notion of history and memory. The place in question in this video is Taiwan, but a Taiwan that is more felt than seen. As characters meander through abandoned buildings and unidentifiable rooms, the camera portrays a dream-like sense of loss. This feeling is a loss of home, loss of culture, loss of spirituality, loss of history. The characters cling to as many memories of home as they can, and the film becomes an echo of these fading histories. Both works aptly utilize altered and manipulated speech as a tool to describe political and emotional struggle and pain.

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