Artist Statement

Leah Solomon is an Eritrean-American, moving-image, and sound artist (born 1995) , completing her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Solomon’s work ventures into the realm of expanded cinema, examining black diasporic perspectives through auto-biographical, personal, and abstracted geographies. She has developed a polyphonic vocabulary, spanning fiction and documentary through her poetic and lyrical approaches. Solomon’s work demands a mediation of transnational migrant experiences concerning exile, censorship, and belonging.

In Hot Time, Video (2019) In Hot Time an exploration of blackness, queerness, ritual, pasts, and futures. An audio-visual coupling of electronic, industrial, and atmospheric sounds from across the Black Atlantic.
End II End, Video, (2019) A hybrid documentary that seeks to expand traditional notions of blackness and global protest through conflating the history of the covert political organization of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front, in tandem with the underground sonic resistance inherent to the birth of Detroit techno, and groups such as Scan 7.