Friday, May 10 - 5:00 p.m.

Program 7 – Another Planet

Friday, May 10

5:00 p.m. – 54 min

Occultations 1 by Kevin McGrath, 10:00

TBD by Emily Okin, 3:20

The Aleph by Jina Park, 40:00

The three works that make up Another Planet are all—in their own sense—interstellar explorations. In Kevin McGrath’s abstract film Occulations 1, new worlds of celluloid and sound are created, destroyed, and rebuilt—at times simultaneously. Emily Okin takes us to a very literal other world in her animation, introducing an astronaut explorer who takes the viewer on a journey to a new planet. In Jina Park’s The Aleph, the viewer stays very much earthbound, but is taken instead to an abstract interior world. In this nonlinear, mercurial, and personal world, an inventor tinkers with a machine while a friend watches, critiques, and waits. In The Aleph, people seem to float like characters in a dream, with an almost spectral or inter-dimensional presence. Working within time, place, and narrative, each work in Another Planet creates its own unique landscape.

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