Ajmal MAS MAN Millar

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Film, Video, New Media, and Animation

I am Ajmal ‘MAS MAN’ Millar and I was born in Brooklyn, NY. I am a self taught contemporary
visual artist and mas man (carnival costume designer). My work includes mixed –media collage
paintings, re-purposed material, sculptural metal, performance, photography which interrogates
notions of cultural heritage, sexual and gender identity, and ritual practices as a first generation
African–American black queer man born to Trinidadian immigrants.

In Autumn of 2019, I relocated to Chicago and entered the Masters of Fine Art program at SAIC.
During this time, I also decided to further embrace his alter ego and preferred name, MAS MAN.

I combine sculpture, painting, photography, as well as performance while particularly grounding
it from my experience as a mas man (carnival artist) as well as Bondage, Discipline,
Sado/Masochism (BDSM) master. I am interested in using the metaphors of life as an
opportunity to form commentary or conceptualize incomprehensible realities we face.
Elucidation and illumination of the state of the world is a prominent modality of traditional MAS
or masquerade. I have the ability to address the present time while inserting subconscious
visions into my work. The combination of imagination and a yearning to ‘bring things into life’
causes me to thrust into my formidable medium of MAS (carnival art).

“When I am creating MAS, I am fashioning several artistic disciplines in a way that is ritualized
and traditional, then release them into the world as sigils and opportunities for transcendent