Lily Homer

Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Fiber and Material Studies

As with writing, wherein lines on paper form words in a sentence, I center my practice on the accumulation of elements to form larger entities, taking the form of handcrafted multimedia objects and digital experiences. I am fascinated by unsettled historical consensus around textile histories. This tension compels me to see the world with a sense of un-fixedness, to see a shape through its curves, a bundle through its strands.

An illustrated house –– a simple series of connected lines –– has fallen into a chasm; embroidered shapes –– built up through overlapping stitches –– both fill in and spill out of the patterns of a fabric; a cloud of lavender springs –– wound and connected by wire –– form a fragile mass. Through the languages of needlework, welding, collage, and animation, my works sway between their own full configuration and their individual parts, between outline and contour, as a wrinkle indicates cloth.