Master of Design in Fashion, Body and Garment

SAGE DYE is a fiber artist interested in the emotions and histories that exist inside of domestic objects. Blending secondhand objects with experimental handiwork techniques, she creates highly tactile works to facilitate questions about the power of shared identity and community in a world that is increasingly hyper individualistic and anti-social. SAGE’S works explore an alternative world where community is found inside the stitches of a quilt, or the warmth of polyester fur; in the echoes of the many hands that have pinned and tucked their soul into the textiles that envelop and support us every day.

In 2020 SAGE was chosen as a CFDA Future Fashion Graduate after finishing her Bachelors of Fine Arts at Kent State University. Her multidisciplinary work has been shown across the US in spaces such as Ace Hotel New York, LVL 3, Hawthorne Contemporary, and Happy Gallery. She is currently completing her Masters of Design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and assisting the curatorial team at the Roger Brown Study Collection and Artist’s Museum.