Self-curated show including artists: Laura Bustamante, Maggie Cleary, Johnny Doley, Becs Epstein, Lexi Herman, and Yiwei Leo Wang


Working together in both proximity and practice, we present KIN-SHIP: COW SLIDES TO THE WOODPECKER RIDES TO BED TO RED TO CLUB. Inspired by attending the exhibition “Smashing Into my Heart” curated by Myriam Ben Salah at the Renaissance Society, Ben Salah calls friendship “a condition, a model, and a metaphor for making art.” While we each explore our own sticky attachment sites and practice in our conditions of friendship, we ask Donna Haraway’s question ‘what does it mean to become kin?’, as artists to each other, as humans to non-humans, and to our expanding networks beyond SAIC.

Apology Activations by Becs Epstein: March 1–3, 12:00 pm, and March 4, 7, & 8, 4:00 pm, Lower Level 2

Activation by Laura Bustamante: March 4, 3:00 pm