Lauren Steinberg creates queer uncanny spaces. Using the modes of endurance performance and stunt work Lauren illustrates what it feels like to witness the process of trying to assimilate. Through this process she pushes her own anxious body, often exploring the structure of never ending systems to indicate restlessness within dictated environments. Anchoring gender experience through her fascination with pop-culture icons these systems become declarations of imitation in order to survive. Lauren uses tools to code herself and searches the value of double meanings to speak to new learned behaviors. These behaviors are parts of her repertoire as she begins to investigate how we perform our own identities in social spaces.

Byebyebye, 2016
swag swag swag, 2015
Performance Anxiety: "Go And LoveYourself", 2016
Steeplechase, 2017
Pass-Rite: "I'll Show You", 2016