Sandrine Schaefer: Pace Investigations No.4

Ongoing, See listing for details
Pace Investigations No.4 is a fifteen-day performance art piece and residual installation by artist Sandrine Schaefer. Each day, the same performance is repeated and either loses or recovers time. As this occurs, the actions that make up the performance must shift. Some actions become unrecognizable from previous days. Some merge to become a different action all …

Verónica Casado Hernández, The Hysteric’s Workout

Ongoing, see listing for details
The Hysteric’s Workout takes a look at the historical construction of the woman’s body in Western culture and its current repercussions. The female body (as well as the poor’s body, and the colonial body) was written as a site of sin before the enlightenment, and science pathologized it in the nineteenth century with the figure …

Jacqueline Weaver, The Border Projects: In Conversation

July 23, 2016
The Border Projects: In Conversation will host a series of workshops, readings, and lectures around the concept of borders. Borders and boundaries manifest in many different ways in life and in art–from geopolitical and socioeconomic divides to psychological and deeply personal barriers. Please join us for an afternoon of programming and exchange. All are welcome.   …

Low Res MFA Live

July 29th, 2016