Arielle Tonkin’s practices include research and art-making in a variety of media, from painting to writing to performance activations and interactive installation. Drawing from Lefebvre, Arielle orients around the hope-belief that relationships form ‘lived space’ and can eventually shift ‘physical space’.

At the Sullivan Galleries in July 2017, Arielle presents a cycle of performance mobilizations with a hybrid ritual object as a tool to investigate how ritual actions orient the body: in space; in practice; for action in the world.

from "orienting actions," 2017, mixed media installation and performance cycle
hybrid ritual object in process, 2016-2017, salvaged cotton warp and linen weft sourced from Kansas, U.S.A and Vilnius, Lithuania
traveling the surrogate ritual object, 2017
interfaith chapel, Gatwick Airport, London, UK, 2017
rolling the cloth, traveling the surrogate ritual object, 2017