Jason Isolini is a multimedia artist based in Brooklyn New York. He received his B.F.A from the School of Visual Arts in photography and video and is a Low Residency M.F.A candidate at the Art Institute of Chicago. His work has been exhibited Internationally at Annka Kulty’s Gallery in London, UK, The FiDi Arsenale in New York NY, and Anonymous Gallery New York, NY.

Artist Statement

I think of my work as a model of cartography, where narrative can go in multiple directions. This can take form in photography, moving image, and sculpture, but it’s primarily performance that bonds the practice together. In this case, I’m interested in how my work can permeate through different spaces I occupy, and while I’m calculated about what I’m doing, I invite situations to become unanticipated. Here, action dictates both technical and spontaneous occurrences that allow juxtaposing threads in my work to be woven together. I see this mesh of working as a collaborative and playful theater. Conceptually, I’ve often thought about the aesthetics of what I describe as the “Image-sphere”, which is a 360º photograph that is also a virtual reality environment. I think about virtual public space and how it’s been defined, and what it means to interact with it. Much of my inspiration is taken from early forms of cinema, and what Manny Farber would define as the “termite artist”. In many ways I embody this idea where, feeling through the walls of particularization I eat away at my own boundaries, and turn these boundaries into the circumstances for the next accomplishment.


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