PLEASE NOTE: While we will try to maintain regular stocking levels and product availability there are many factors that might affect our operations during COVID-19 including shortened staffing levels, extended shipping times, and item shortages. We appreciate your patience as we navigate new territory.

Understanding Availability & Restocking

Material Source maintains sufficient stocking levels in all locations, with normal checks on a daily basis.  All Material Source items have pre-determined minimum and maximum stocking levels, based on their demand, size, and storage locations. Many items have back stock on campus and these items can be restocked in 48 hours or less of discovery or notification. Items without back stock on campus are subject to vendor turnaround times as well as our access to receiving locations. In cases where items must be reordered, Material Source staff will communicate estimated delivery and restocking times to the customer requesting the material.

When products experience an unforeseen demand stock may be completely depleted sooner than expected. In such cases, Material Source staff will restock and reorder the items as soon as discovered or notified. We encourage all customers to contact in advance and let us know if they will be making a large purchase.


Quick Facts

  •  All regular sale items will be restocked in the most efficient and timely manner possible.
  •  Please email if an item you need is not available or if you are planning on making a large purchase.
  • We attempt to maintain sufficient stock levels in all locations, though there can be delays. We will do our best to communicate re-stocking times.  If you find that an item you wish to purchase is out of stock we should be able to provide you with an expected restocking time and ask that you check back within 24 hours.
  • We cannot assist in ordering or delivering items that we do not stock.


Situations that may prevent daily restocking:

  • Material Source Operations Emergency – large deliveries, audits, short-staffed
  • Loading Dock Access – other deliveries, time restrictions
  • Shop Activity – authorization workshops, maintenance
  • Material Preparation – materials often need to be modified or repackaged prior to sale
  • Van Access – van unavailable or not available for enough time
  • Other Facilities Issues – construction, maintenance, cleaning
  • Material Source Staff Training – staff in training or staff training student employees.

In the case of one of the above situations delays restocking, customers will be notified as soon as possible.  While serving the community is a primary responsibility of Material Source the re-stocking process will not be rushed or bypassed, as the accurate tracking of inventory is critical to our operation.  Thank you for understanding.