Media Center Special Requests

To acquire equipment from the MacLean, 280 Building or Sharp Media Center:

  • For longer checkout times than the standard checkout length (see Access Rules & Guidelines),
  • In larger quantities than normal (e.g., three video cameras)
  • Reservations for more than three weeks in advance

Media Center Special Requests must be submitted at least 5 days in advance of the requested reservation date. These requests can be made via the Patron Portal.  Follow This Guide to Completing a Media Center Special Request on Patron Portal!

Instructional Reservation Resources for Faculty

We highly prefer that faculty enter their own Instructional Reservations using the standard reservation method.  Special Requests are no longer the only method for placing Instructional Reservations.

Here are some features in Patron Portal that make instructional reservations easier using the standard reservation method:
  • NO Advance Reservation Limitations. Faculty have special privileges that allow them to make advance reservations for anytime during the semester. This helps to ensure you have everything you need to support our courses locked in.
  • NO Limits on the Number of Resources. There is not a limit on the number of resources you can reserve at a given time (you can reserve 15 cameras & 15 tripods for example) *please note some departments have resource limits on certain items to balance availability for courses running concurrently, follow up with your department to understand your limitations
  • You Can COPY A Reservation. After you complete a reservation in Patron Portal you may notice in the middle left hand menu there is a “Copy CK-XXXXXX” link, that allows you to duplicate a reservation. You can easily change the date and time and add or remove resources. It is a great time saving feature when placing multiple or repeat reservations.