The Basics

  • All students, faculty, and staff with a valid ARTICard have access to the media centers.
  • To checkout equipment from the Media Center you MUST make a reservation via Patron Portal.
  • To assure that equipment will be available when you need it, we recommend making advance reservations.
  • Checkouts can be up to 7 days, if you have resources less than 7 days you have the option to renew depending on resource availability.
  • The Media Center will be pre-assembling your reservation before pickup to keep interaction to a minimum.  Turn around time for any reservation is 1 hour.
  • Please be prompt when picking up your equipment. It will become available to other users if it has not been picked up 1 hour past your scheduled pickup time.
  • Allow at least 15 minutes to check out equipment.
  • Before leaving the Media Center make sure to double check the contents of your kit.  You are also highly encouraged to test your equipment for any problems before you leave campus.
  • You are responsible for the equipment until it is returned.  Verify the return date and time to avoid late fines.
  • You must check in with security if you want to leave any school buildings with the equipment.
  • When returning equipment, let the Media Center employee know if everything was working correctly.  Also let the Media Center employee know of any damage or loss of any parts or accessories or if anything was working.
  • Wait until the Media Center employee releases you before you leave the counter.

Care and Safety of User and Equipment

The media center provides access to equipment that is often costly. The following guidelines have been developed to help ensure the safety of both the user and the equipment. Please take the following precautions.

  • Keep a good grip on your equipment. Keep a watchful eye on the equipment. Don’t leave equipment unattended—EVEN AT SCHOOL. If you aren’t using the equipment, lock it away in a secure place, like a locker.
  • Don’t take equipment out alone, especially after dark. Go with someone. There’s safety in numbers.
  • Don’t take equipment into unfamiliar or isolated areas.
  • Do not leave equipment lying on the seat or in plain sight in your car. If you must leave the equipment, make sure that it is locked securely out of sight in the trunk.
  • Avoid isolated bus or train stops.
  • Avoid falling asleep on the bus or train or in public with the equipment. The unconscious are the easiest targets.
  • Be observant of people around you when in public. If you notice anyone suspiciously eyeing your equipment, avoid them.