Please Touch The Artwork. It acts as a metaphorical projection for observation and transformation, with societal aspects abstracted to materialized bodily interactions, power relationships, and the abject. The resulting form results in painting installations using transformed materials, at times using video projections, and a video practice that delves deeper into its narrative philosophy. Installations are comprised of entrusting a sensitivity to the materials similar to the nature of performing a painting I could touch it and it would threaten to touch me as well. Materials such as paper, fabric, wax, plastic, and ceramic become accumulated, preserved, battered, or fawned over; shifting over time to show its malleable nature. By the end there is preservation of its surface, showing its action prior. I want these to look as though they came from a place unseen and brought forth as an artifact.

Chewed and Spit, 2014, pigmented paper pulp
Hot Orange Odalisque, 2014, preserved fabric
I Love Amelia, 2015, mixed media installation
Poor Bagg, 2015, ceramic
The Overextending Void That Sits Like A Boulder, 2015, mixed media installation