My practice is inspired by visual observations of the everyday: phenomena, movements, perceptive experiences. Their origins reflect my interest in the sublime aspects of science: the behavior of certain dynamics, patterns, materials. The observations lead to experiments, where I aim to isolate a particular element that resonates with me. Something that has a certain weirdness or imbalance to it. I give it space to unfold and expand. Pairing this with my romantic and somewhat naive view of the world, I respond to the beautiful and the poetic in these manifestations.

Reoccurring themes are light, movement, space and time. While I presented previous observations in moving images, my recent work focuses on first-hand experience. This results in kinetic sculptures and room installations that are spatial and immersive. Their nature require time from the viewer, and suggest new ways of seeing in return.

Untitled (swing), 2014. Incandescent bulb, cable, custom electronics. Dimensions variable.
Skyline, 2014. LEDs, aluminum, acrylic, micro controller, transformer. 1x137 inches, 24 minutes.
Untitled (two bulbs), 2013. Incandescent bulbs, cable, microcontroller. Dimensions variable, 5 minutes.