I turn what takes place around me into a metaphorical quest; the main theme of the quest is based on my concerns: violence, fragmentation, body and identity. I am experimenting with objects and materials such as fabric, cloth, thread and image that are tied to my memory, experiences, body, and sense of touch. I’m interested in the constant conflict between the conceptual and the three dimensional reality of things. I am also interested in the connections between process and materials and the way that they relate to images and spaces. In my work, I’m trying to approach the things that I don’t understand in the world and the things that offend me. My world is my experience and what I experience comes back into my work. This relationship enables me to express and fight against perceived borders and beliefs.

Right Hand | Mixed Media and thread- Fabric | 30x25x70 in |2015
Untitled Installation | Mixed Media and thread- Fabric | 2015
Healing | Mixed Media and thread- Fabric | 30x40x100 in | 2015
Excerpt | Hand sewn on Fabric | 50x75cm | 2014
Expulsion | Inner Compulsion series | Hand sewn on Fabric | 40x70cm | 2014