Theoretically speaking, history is fact. My job is to challenge the “factuality” of history by asserting the power of subjective interpretation onto historical evidence, taking on the role of the storyteller. In assuming this role I place great emphasis on the commingling of truth and fiction, blurring rationality and emotion to present accounts of history that fluctuate in seriousness, sincerity, and necessity. What stories deserve to be related, and to whom? This question seems entirely necessary at this cultural moment when a wealth of information so available and accessible daily loosens the foundations upon which histories, beliefs, and ideologies are constructed. The Bee Gees wrote “Massachusetts” in 1967 because they liked the name of the state. They had never visited. The “b” side is titled “Barker of the U.F.O.” and that is also appealing. Kyle Nilan (b. 1986) is from Boston, Massachusetts.