I am a Chicago-based architect with a five-year Bachelor in Architecture from Los Andes University Bogotá-Colombia (1997) and currently a candidate for a Master in Fine Arts in Studio from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2015). I work between art and architecture. For me drawing is the common ground within these two practices. Using perspective as a framework, I work with forms of representation, such as hand drawings, drafts and sketches to create installations that are inspired by architecture. I use thread lines, paper planes and colors to build floating spaces with few elements. I play with scale, overlapping objects of different sizes, light and shadows, to create constructions that engage the viewer’s curiosity, encouraging them to explore the space and consider multiple perspectives. The familiar architectural forms invite observers to participate by walking within the works, breaking the limits between art and spectators.

Layers (3D drawing detail), 2014, paper and graphite
Column Drawing (3D drawing detail), 2014, paper and graphite
Hipostile Drawing (installation shot), 2014, paper, graphite, thread and white ink
Floating Cube (installation shot), 2014, thread, color ink and graphite
Intersecting Cube (work in progress), 2015, plastic grid, thread and color ink