I’m making magical illusions and strange sculptures with technology by reconstituting and distorting the reality. But I do not give priority to technology. I use technology behind the work to express my theme efficiently rather than to bring attention to the technical aspects. I aim to combine the Analogue sensitivity and the Digital sensitivity by expressing the Analogue theme and using Digital technology.

Now I have three types of works.

The first is Kinetic sculptures. Humor and absurdity are important factors. I satirize the reality through them.

The second series, Shadow box deals with the psychological theme. I express the submerged reality in unconsciousness through the dreamlike imagery.

The third is about forgotten and vanished places made with lights and fabric. My work for MFA show is “Deokcheon village” which was vanished and now is undergoing rapid gentrification in Korea. My work is a kind of historical, subjective and emotional documentary.

Conversation / 2013 / wood, motor, arduino, fabric, sensor
Run, Run, Run / 2014 / wood, motor, arduino, fabric, sensor
Wind, water and tears / 2014 / canvas, cultured pearls, sound
Shadow box / 2014 / wood, acrylic, motor, LED, arduino
Deokcheon village / 2015 / burlap, LED, optical fiber