Suzanne Gold is an artist and writer from New York City currently living in Chicago, IL. Her practice spans writing, visual art, and scholarly inquiry. Working within specific image vocabularies, small and large format screen printed paintings aim to push representation to the edge of illusion, thinning the form to find the mystery in the image. Fiction and poetry aim for a similar aesthetic, operating in a space just off the coast of real. Through the collaborative, interdisciplinary research-based initiative HAIR CLUB, Suzanne works to unite disparate conversations around a swirling theory of how Hair as subject, object, and symbol operates across genres, histories and disciplines in the context of wider culture.

Untitled (Pool 2), 2014, screen print on canvas
Untitled (Pool 3), 2014, screen print on canvas
Untitled (Pool 1), 2014, screen print on fabric
Untitled (Interior 2), 2015, screen print on canvas
Untitled (Chair 4), 2014, screen print on canvas