Reading is both encounter and empathy, an act in which we are given another place or perspective and allow ourselves to mistake it for our own. My practice explores this notion of reading through books of my experimental comics and short fiction. My books open in unusual ways, drawing readers into its spaces. They require the reader to twist or turn or peek into the work to unravel its story. I use sparse visuals and brief text to invite the reader’s careful attention and realization that gaps are not empty, but home to an invisible world. My work seeks to complicate the reader’s understanding of reality by fostering the sense that there exists more than what they can see and understand.

BOX ACTAEON. 2015. Paper, risograph print.
Are you even listening? 2015. Paper, risograph print.
Sigils of Trouble Sleeping. 2016. Paper, risograph print.
[Sappho]. 2015. Paper, risograph print, linen thread.