My sculpture practice revolves around the (mis)translations and abstractions that occur when a work moves from one material or medium to another via a series of artist enacted moves and counter-moves. I investigate the intersections that my life has had with the entertainment industry and reflect on how it has shaped my understanding of the world. Employment at a theme park, movie studio and theatre along with the experience of growing up in Los Angeles drive this fascination with the construction of illusionary worlds and their (literal) framework.

print. sew. repeat., 2015, dimensions variable, screen printed muslin and thread
wrap, 2015, 24 in. x 32 in., archival digital print
on the move, 2015, photographic documentation of performance
framework (detail), 2015, 12 ft. x 5 ft., screen printed and dyed fabric, thread, and foam
untitled, 2016, 3 1/2 ft. x 2 ft., screen print on cardboard