Visual Communication Design, BFA (2014), MFA (2016), School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
My artistic practices mainly focus on people’s individual characteristics in a collective, and the behavior and social interaction between human beings. I approach this direction by using different visual forms of artist book, projection mapping, interactive design, light installation, and etc.

Toothbrushes tile No.1, 2016
Toothbrushes tile No.2, 2016
Jellyfish, 2014, Interactive Typeface Design
Chew, 2015, Flip Book
We Covers I, 2015, Artist Book
Mirror Neuron, 2016, Interactive Light Installation
Tree Brushing, 2015
Branch Brushing, 2015
Toothbrushes Moss, 2016
Jellyfish, 2013, Interactive Typeface Design