As a book artist, I use paper as a medium to communicate, with my audience. Using non-traditional forms and narrative structures, my pieces require the audience to not only look, but also to participate physically and mentally. Through the reading experience, the audience forms their own narrative connections, both consciously and subconsciously. In this way, the readers and I work together to form a complete narrative.
My work also discusses and amplifies the small details and tiny moments in daily life, which are often forgotten or neglected. These works use different materials to illuminate tiny, missing moments by exaggerating and deconstructing them. Thus, allowing the audience to find absent feelings and minute moments in a careful and ritualistic way.
By creating a new reading experience, my work guides the audience to take a second look at the things they are often familiar with and have a diverse understanding towards that.

Pride and Prejudice Project
Pride and Prejudice Project
Eye blinking flip book installation model
Eye blinking flip book details