Alternating days starting Saturday, April 30
Sullivan Galleries

The Waves by Virginia Woolf unfolds over the duration of a human life from childhood to death.

The beginning of each phase of life is indicated by the sun’s position in the sky.

A lifetime is compressed into the timeline of a single day.


The sun had not yet risen. Dawn, April 30.

The sun rose higher. Morning, May 2.

The sun rose. Mid morning, May 4.

The sun, risen, no longer couched on a green mattress darting a fitful glance through watery jewels, bared its

face and looked straight over the waves. Noon, May 6.

The sun had risen to its full height. High Noon, May 8.

The sun no longer stood in the middle of the sky. Afternoon, May 10.

The sun had now sunk lower in the sky. Mid afternoon, May 12.

The sun was sinking. Dusk, May 14.

Now the sun had sunk. Evening, May 16.

The waves broke on the shore. Night, May 18.



A movable studio of light and water.


During this 20 day exhibition April Martin will make 10 cyanotype prints that respond to the sun’s changing position in the sky, using sun and water. The prints will simultaneously wash and expose themselves in Sullivan Galleries:  33 South State Street, Floor 7 and will then be moved to the artist’s studio in the Columbus Building: 280 South Columbus Drive: Studio B1-14J where they will be dried and installed. You are welcome to come and see the unfolding accumulation in the artist’s studio. Please contact the gallery for more information.

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