Adela Goldbard is an artist and filmmaker who believes in the potential of art to generate critical thinking and social transformation. Her work questions the politics of memory by suspecting archeological preservation, official history, mass media, and popular culture. She dissents by making visible defiant events that have been forgotten or erased and by ritually and allegorically destroying social evil in order to, momentarily, “correct what went wrong.” Goldbard challenges traditional documentary and mainstream cinema by re-enacting history and by collectively building, staging and importantly, destroying, always with a subtle amount of parody and dark humor. Her work includes photography, video, sculpture, text, public actions and immersive installations, and is significantly research-based. Goldbard is a member of the National System of Artistic Creators of Mexico since 2015. Her work has been exhibited in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Philippines, Russia, Argentina, Canada, USA, and widely in Mexico.

HELICOPTERAZO (Helicopter Crash), 2013, public action
LA QUEMADA PUBLICA (The Public Burning), 2012, public action
THE SACRIFICE, 2015, HD video/stereo sound
MICROBUS, 2014, Lightjet print
LOBO (extract), 2013, 4k video/stereo sound