My work manifests in photography, video, cinemagraphs, sound and virtual reality I use these various mediums as a platform to engage with making work that is current and referential to the presently and historically tempestuous political climate that is specific to the United States I explore those topics under the framework of considering the misrepresentations applied to persons of color in the United States that serve to demonize the brown bodied My practice, in response, has been a process of decentralizing those representations and building a space that cultivates reconciliation of our identities and strategies of navigating the systemic violence and aggression toward brown and black bodies My role as the artist involves ceaselessly warring with my society for its sake and my own, to establish a way that enables us to see ourselves as beings whose essence expresses an individuality beyond constructions that inspire aggression toward each other.

Effluence of the Cosmic Void, 2016, Print
ExoProgeny, 2017, VR Documentation
Light-footed Revelation, 2016, Print
Jogo Sozinho My Mind is Gone, 2016, video
It All Ends Here, 2017, video
Call from an Ancestor, 2016, video