I make time and space altering video installations and systems which utilize recycled (defunct) consumer goods and live feeds to provoke a sense of personal and bodily implication by manipulating viewers relationship to technologies. Often, this is accomplished by using handmade/homebrewed tools which imagine new futures for technologies whose originally intended use values have atrophied. Video feedback, Neon, Youtube. Reclaiming and reviving goods that have crossed the threshold of being ‘new’ media (and into ubiquity, irrelevancy, etc.) then creating situations which examine their newly found context within the contemporary techno-cultural landscape.

Selfie Shrine, 2015, Electronics, VHS Tape Delay, Plants
Vision Muxer, 2017, Analog Switches, Code, Found Electronics
Screen Shot From Studio Performance, 2016, Analog Video Still
Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow, 2016, Analog Video Still