My work is a reflection on the transient nature of home and the labor that goes into creating those spaces as evident in the narrative of an immigrant experience Drawing from the memory of the Pilsen apartment I grew up in–where now stands a condo–as well as my parent’s experiences as immigrants from Mexico, I consider the contrary relationship of home to migration and relocation A relationship that is experienced both in the act of leaving your home and country in search of new opportunities, and the imposed movement that one confronts through displacement as a result of gentrification Using my labor as an artist, I recreate objects pulled from my childhood home that connect me to the immigrant labor of my family and their desire and effort to create a space for us, and consider how their experience is indicative of the greater narrative of many immigrant communities.

Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue, 2016, handmade paper
Untitled, 2016, Paper on Glass
Las Cosas Que Mantuvimos (The Things We Kept)/Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue, 2016, Handmade Paper, Wood, Found Pillows, Sand
Untitled, 2016, Handmade Paper
Screen, 2016, Handmade Paper on Glass