I make work that addresses formal and material concepts with an overtly feminine touch. My works often feature pronounced symbolism and visual metaphors that address the body, ideas of beauty, and the relationships between power and vulnerability. I utilize juxtapositions of natural and artificial materials to question notions of commodity and value, while aiming to maintain a sincere respect for particular aesthetics that are stereotyped as girly, romantic, or quixotic.
My ultimate goal is to make work that claims space for diverse feminine voices. Whether by a literal assertion of form in space via installation, or a minimalist approach that utilizes scale or palette to set to tone a space, I aim to put forward artwork and environments that encourage an examination of feminine power.

Right now, today, we are still alive, 2016, Gessoed canvas on wood frame with ribbon, 36in x 16.5in x 7in
Round and round, 2017, Acrylic on canvas and paper, 3.5ft x 4ft 11in
Cascade, 2016, Mixed media installation
This sex which is not one, 2017, Acrylic and graphite on cavas with flowers, faux flowers, waxed thread, and acrylic hand form, 12.5ft x 7ft
Write your self, 2017, Acrylic on canvas with flower and acrylic medium, 3.5ft x 4ft 11in