I think of my paintings as gardens. The aspect of labor; constantly adding/planting, subtracting/ pruning and building off pre existing relationships. Conceptually, my method of painting runs parallel to the physicality of gardening. Due to the nature of a watery medium, it is necessary for me to paint on the floor, otherwise the pigment would roll off the canvas. I often kneel next to or stand above my paintings as I work, making my body an integral part of the production. Although I start with a plan, I am receptive to the possibility of the unanticipated within the development of my work, much like how a garden is affected by weather and the inevitability of time.

Untitled, 2017, disperse dye on spandex
Untitled, 2017, watercolor and acrylic on canvas, 5 x 6'
Untitled, 2017, disperse dye on paper
Untitled, 2017, MX dye, acrylic and bleach on canvas, 3 x 5'
Untitled, 2017, Detail, MX dye and acrylic on bleached canvas