Elana Adler is a visual artist whose work primarily focuses on questions of perception, signaling, and existence from both epistemological and ontological ways of thinking. She is interested in exploring the intersection between the material and the nonmaterial, the physical and the virtual, the ephemeral and the eternal, and the actual and the technological. Her process is iterative and illustrates the transition of thought through the transformation of material. Combining digital with analog craft techniques, Adler manipulates metal, rope, light, and the interplay of shadows to translate abstract concepts of space and time.

Collapsed Perception of Space, video still, and installation shot, 2016, rope, paint, eye-hooks, plywood
Bronze Net Grid Study 2, 2016, bronze
Iron Net Grid Study 1, 2016, iron
Lost In Translation, 2016, bronze and concrete
Exact Color of Doubt, 2016, video of handwoven ikat and LED