Jacqueline Surdell is a multimedia artist whose work explores concepts of endurance, discipline, and intensity. A competitive athlete for almost a decade, Surdell considers her work an extension of her body’s physical makeup. Seeking to critically reassess the players in art history through an athletic, as well as feminist, lens, Surdell questions perceived understandings and convention-based tropes ascribed to women and objects. She believes this duality of looking back to again look forward provides potential to make increasingly informed moves in the present.

Surdell views her art practice as a personal tool for reconsideration, for re-thinking; teaching her new ways to read into, critically analyze, and consider her body in space. All in hopes of deepening her understanding of historic misconceptions of women — leading to variant levels of open-mindedness and acceptance within the contemporary existence.

Assisted Vertec, 2017, gym court plank
Ah Pussy of the Sand, 2017, Video, Assisted Vertec, gym court plank
Coaches Award: An All Relative Color Field, 2016, black resin on gym court plank with deflated volleyball
Human Measure, 2017, sweat and body paint on paper
Installation Shot, Shuddering Turns to Sobbing, 2016
ah, Pussy of the Sand