Artist Statement

Alan Perry is a new media artist living in Chicago, Illinois, and working with creative coding, interactive electronics, 3D animation, and video. His work engages with ideas about philosophy, the history of technology, and artificial intelligence, often recontextualizing historical moments in a contemporary or speculative mode. A core concept in his work is the Anthropocene and its related concepts of Posthumanism and Transhumanism. Perry’s art practice explores the relationship between technology and humans, such as creativity, strategy, environmental impact, and orthodoxy. His earlier work examined the photographic medium throughout history, from Wet-Plate Collodion to glitch art. Perry’s work has been exhibited in SITE Gallery, LITHIUM Gallery, (both in Chicago, IL), Black Box Gallery (Portland, OR), Ice Cube Gallery (Denver, CO), Rendition Gallery, Hatton Gallery, Curfman Gallery, and Electronic Arts Gallery (all in Fort Collins, CO). He is currently an MFA (2019) student at the Art & Technology Studies department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2013 he received his BFA in Photo Image Making from Colorado State University. In 2019 he received the Art, Science, & Culture Initiative Collaboration Grant offered by the University of Chicago.