Parvin Peivandi is an interdisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, ceramics, textiles, media and performance art. Born and raised in Iran and immigrated to North America, Peivandi has continued her journey by studying contemporary art in Canada and the United States and exhibiting her works internationally.

Artist Statement

Parvin Peivandi’s art expresses a nomadic journey parallel to her own life experience as an immigrant artist: moving from one place to other, deconstructing the old patterns and constructing the new hybrid identity. Employing geometric forms as the common abstract language in artistic practices of diverse cultures, Peivandi aims to bring a middle ground for understanding the others by exploring the endless possibilities that form our communications. Her work is inspired by the comparative literature of Western philosophies of Deleuze and Rosi Bradotti and Iranian Sufi poetries of Attar and Rumi. Her work is in a constant journey of becoming.

Within receding horizons Steel, paint
Standing beside who I am steel, nomadic Iranian rug
Three Nomads steel, encaustic( bee Wax), pigments
Nomad, folds, events steel, encaustic( bee wax), Old Iranian tribal rug)
self portrait as mosaic mirror steel, garments of my Kurdish grandmother