He received his MFA at the Drawing and Painting Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2019), where he was awarded the New Artist Society Scholarship. In 2015, he won a grant for emerging artists given by the Cultural Ministry of Colombia and was one of the finalists for the Sara Modiano Prize (Colombia). A year before, he was nominated for the CIFO grants for emerging artists and in 2011 he was selected for a one month residency in Terra Una, Minas Gerais (Brasil). Back in 2006, he completed his BFA at Javeriana University in Bogotá and since then, he have been constantly exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions in galleries, institutions and independent spaces mostly in Colombia, but also in Latin-America, Spain, Italy and now the U.S.

Artist Statement

He understands his artistic practice as a long life personal journey of unveiling the poetry, tensions, systems and structures hidden behind things that might be considered irrelevant, ordinary or mundane. While the result depends on the nature and aim of each project, he usually produces austere and delicate installations combining minimalist paintings –or using the syntax of painting– along with either experimental videos, sounds, books, found objects, prints and/or creative texts.

Sign Acrylic on Wood Panel / 8x10” / 2017
Uyuni's Dilemma Stack of books and video projection on painted canvas; Led Portable Backlight, Acrylic, and thread on canvas; Mono Channel projection and laser print; Spotlight, Acrylic and gold liquid on a collected branch / 9.3” x 16” x 6” / 40" x 30" / Loop; 30" x 40”; 30" x 40" / US Letter size; 24" x 3" x 5" 2018 ©Jesse Meredith
Color temperature (time slots) Acrylic on canvas and instant photographs / Paintings: 11.8 x 39.3 inches (each one) / Photographs: 3.5 x 4.3 inches (each one) / Total: 53.1 x 59 inches 2013
White Cube – White Room Syndrome Acrylic, oil and varnish on canvas (60 different sizes of canvases simulating furniture and objects) / Total space size: 50m2 / 4.5 meters high 2015 ©Elisa Villegas
Tejo, an Unstranlatable Paradox Paper models, painted objects, clay, dry pigment / 2 x 2 ft (podium surface) / 2018