Brittany Laurent (b. 1992, Texas) is an MFA candidate in the Department of Photography. Her work has been shown nationally since graduating from St. Edward’s University in 2014 and has participated as a founding collaborator of ATM Gallery in Austin, TX.

Artist Statement

Brittany Laurent is an interdisciplinary artist who uses writing, sound, sculpture, photography, performance, and installation to study the space between corporal and corporate bodies. Doing so in response to the anxieties of a hyper-accelerated and ostensibly transparent information economy, she considers methods for coping with information overload, systems of classification, alternative access to knowledge, and the pleasures and pains of interdependency of the self and technology. She is currently operating under the protection of the pseudo-corporate entity Worldwide Waiting, Inc., which reaches to the public like someone learning.

Figure #2 risograph, 2018
New Work: Unprofitable Actions and Tender Labor in the Age of the Pocket box set of 18 pamphlets, in collaboration with Joshua Wilkerson and Caroline Wood, 2018
Nonument no. 1: the Space Between Neighbors faux marble, inkjet print, 2017
Loud Objects (no. 1-8) engraved porcelain, 2018
Loud Object no. 9 concrete dyed with charcoal pigment, plywood, steel handles, 2019