Ivanhoe, Real-time installation, 2018 The work is a vantage point into the disappearing neighborhood from my home of Detroit, MI. The transparency of the material and point-cloud blur the line viewer and participant, physical and memory.
Ivanhoe & Beechwood, Real-time installation, 2018 This piece is a real-time simulation of reimagined neighborhoods on the Westside of Detroit. In this piece participants are able to navigate these communities formally reimagined through collective memory of each disappearing space. Ivanhoe & Beechwood is physically comprised of remnants of my home, which combines programming, and 3D mapping in order to archive each disappearing neighborhood.
Home Movie, Video Game and Arcade Console Home Movie is an interactive new media documentary that uses 3D animation, documentary film, as well as real-time game mechanics to rebuild and explore disappearing neighborhoods from my home in the westside of Detroit. The project draws on collective memory (i.e., interviews, dialogues with family and other members of my close community, as well as personal and archival footage) to rebuild my forgotten neighborhoods within Detroit. Each chapter contains multiple interactive scenes, immersive 3D environments, and personal-historic vignettes (both film, and animation) guiding the participants through the entangle spaces. By moving between documentary and narrative the work speaks to the nebulous nature of memory, both kept to one’s self and shared within the collective.
Home Movie, In-game Still, 2019
Home Movie [Demo], 2019
Home Movie [Attract Mode], 2019
Wrath. 2017