Artist Statement

The video installation ‘In Situ’ explores the process designed for the removal of the NY monument of James Marion Sims, to expose the relationships between ideology and history in the public space.
The videos and objects in the installation interrogate official perspectives, to consider empathy or the lack thereof in accepted narratives and to put pressure on the compartmentalization tactics of authority.
Since 2010, local activists in East Harlem have been calling to remove the monument honoring Sims from Central Park. Dr. Sims experimented on enslaved women of color without their consent and without using anesthesia in the 1840’s in Alabama, his monument in Central Park was removed by the City of New York in April 2018 .

Handtool enamel on MDF and readymade d 10’’ 2017
In Situ still from video, 2019
In Situ still from video, 2019
Fig. 16 Forceps Paper Embossing 11X15’’ 2018
Fig. 1 Sims’ speculum Paper Embossing 11X15’’ 2018