Madison R. Young (b. 1995) is a Chicago-based interactive artist and curator who received her BFA from Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL and MFA in Art & Technology Studies from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She’s been invited to the New York Studio Residency Program in Brooklyn, NY, and currently working as a Graduate Curatorial Assistant for Exhibitions at SAIC. Her interests include developing, researching, and exhibiting interactive and alternative spaces here in Chicago.

Artist Statement

Born and raised in paradise, I fabricate sensory-kinetic oases for people to either take it easy, or to replenish their emotional and energy supply. Using a variety of materials; specifically haptics, colored lights, and soft and textured fabrics, my oases not only give people a pause in their journey, but also simultaneously exercise their ability to feel. The work brings up themes of hedonism, illusion, and individual perception that is present around us and asks what are the things in our lives that slow us down.

A Nooner is an on-going exploration into moments of self-care, especially in the heat of a relationship. The space’s duality of modes, red or blue, asks what is needed for the self, and allows the participant the power of choice. The door operates in a way to isolate the body in making a decision and having the freedom to do so privately.

Tryst, 2018 Peacock feathers, vibrating motor, gooseneck, velvet, crochet, pearl necklace