David L. Hays, Kevin A. Stewart, and Shuangshuang Wu

Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Analog Media Lab is a collaborative design practice founded in 2009 by David L. Hays, Kevin A. Stewart, and Shuangshuang Wu. Through a series of designed objects, Analog Media Lab explores the movement of material assemblies: the expansion, contraction, and other distortion under changing conditions of temperature and humidity that design has traditionally focused on concealing. Analog Media Lab’s animate objects force a reconsideration of the boundary between the statics of design and the dynamics of the outside.

Analog Media Lab will exhibit a series of objects designed to accentuate the otherwise less perceptible movements of materials in changing environmental conditions, as well as a work station and materials to replicate, amend, or expand on these objects.

Analog Media Lab, Honey Window