David Benjamin

New York City, New York

Architect David Benjamin founded The Living to explore the evolving relationship between technology and biology. Whether using mycelium spores as building material or using biological organisms as part of an urban sensing network, The Living practices design as an iterative and interrogative research project into hybrid futures.

The Living, in collaboration with Ali Brivanlou Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology and Molecular Embryology (Rockefeller University), will exhibit a fa├žade prototype incorporating living biological material. By recasting the building edge not as a boundary between inside and outside, but as a territory with its own unique ecosystem, a new politics of the edge is established.



The Living
David Benjamin
Ray Wang
Lorenzo Villaggi
Jim Stoddart
Damon Lau
Danil Nagy
Dale Zhao
John Locke

Ali Brivanlou Lab
Ali Brivanlou
Paula Carleton Evans
Alessia Deglincerti
Fred Etoc
Tomomi Haremaki

Lynn Love

Water Filtration
Aquarius Aquariums
Larry Liberstein

Brian Lee
Peter Hunt

Structural Engineering
Matt Clark
Shaina Sapporta

Photo: Tony Favarula
The Living, Amphibious Envelope