Francisco Herrero is a Spanish artist born in 1989 in Madrid, Spain. Formally trained as an architect, he received his M.A. in Architecture from ETSAM in 2014. In recent years, his body of work is almost entirely figurative, with a strong interest in the body: he is able to scrutinize it in search of its unique beauty, often trying to go under the flesh to depict emotion. Together with his dexterity at painting and a very sensitive nature, his work often focuses on the human experience, depicting raw and brutally true scenes. He currently maintains his practice in Chicago, where he is taking further his art studies at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Artist Statement

How much of me is within a space? How much of a space am I?

From the moment I occupy a space I alter its identity. It is transformed by me, but, likewise, I also suffer a transformation generated by the space that embraces me. It’s a reciprocal experience resulting in two new entities. An untraceable process very intricate to memorize.

Through painting, and its particular timing, I seek to establish a closer, more direct relation with the self and its context; something I have not yet been able to achieve solely through architecture. I do not pursue representing the human being as an image, but its contribution to the space they inhabit.

Zeal. 2019, Oil on panel, 12x16"
Maria. 2019, Oil on panel, 9x12"
LGW (Mero). 2019, Oil on panel, 9x12"
P. 2019, Lithograph, 11x17"
Elegy II. Oil on canvas, 40x60"