Caleb Schroder was born in Montana. He received his BFA in painting at the University of Washington, in Seattle and is currently an MFA fiber and material candidate at SAIC.

Artist Statement

My work questions societal perceptions of masculinity. Specifically, I examine and manipulate social codes imbedded in American men’s suit jackets to not only reveal the social scripts, but to implant new ones, to liberate them from forming a fixed gender. As a gender variant individual, I’m interested in creating works that reclaim and reimagine “masculinity.”

Subscribed: Number 2 2018, 19" x 15", Suit jackets and twine
Subscribed: Number 3 2018, 19" x 36", Suit jackets and twine
Subscribed: Number 5 2018, 22" x 64" x 33", Suit, yarn, textile, shirt, and tie
Subscribed: Number 6 2018, 12" x 19" x 46", Suits, textile, hooks, and rope