Meredith Kopelman is an artist from Chicago. She is thrilled to be a part of the SAIC community within the Post-Bacc program. Meredith enjoys exploring mystery, playfulness and humor woven together to create personal storytelling within the realm of Figurative Abstract. She utilizes oil on canvas, risograph image transfer, graphite, acrylic and various other mediums as part of her painting process.
Artist Statement

My reality is shaped by feelings and interactions that generate my own everyday experiences. I’m also interested in memory, which often results in a lack of focus and a dispersed focus rather than adding up to one cohesive whole. Meaning is found on the surface and the every day. Representing a compelling scene is about exploring it through symbolic, atmospheric and photographic elements. My perception of life is about being present in the world and embracing life in its entirety. I genuinely see the world as an interesting place!

A chance encounter with an unusual woman with brightly colored cotton candy can become the humorous subject of one of my personal narratives. Or as I’m sitting in my living room with my sketchpad, I wiggle my toes in my Vibram running shoes. It’s funny how my toes relate to the other objects in the room that seem to be constantly shifting back and forth in space. This too can become a subject of my painting. It’s all about human perception and the subjectivity of the human experience. Moments shift into memories with direct brushstrokes. Then, memories shift through indirect blurring of merging and transparent forms. Memories can be crisp or fading.

My paintings focus on mystery, playfulness and humor woven together to create personal storytelling. Artists such as Nicole Eisenman, Natalie Frank, and Alice Neel have inspired my work. Eisenman’s works are playful, incorporating different styles to express her narratives. Frank’s work engages themes of feminism, identity, narrative playfulness, and figurative distortion. Neel’s use of color and directness convey the emotional life of her subjects.

Cotton Candy Girl Riso - Meredith Samantha Kopelman
Fire & Ice - Meredith Samantha Kopelman
The Beginning - Meredith Samantha Kopelman
FIsh Pedicure RIso - Meredith Samantha Kopelman
Home #1 (16x20) - Meredith Samantha Kopelman