Corinne E. Cox is a self taught artist currently living and working in Chicago. Corinne grew up in Colorado, a landscape that still inspires her work. She graduated from Denison University in 2014 where she studied history and political science. When she is not painting she likes to go for long walks and host dinner parties.
Artist Statement
Corinne’s paintings are intimate vingettes of solitude and nature. Drawing on her own experiences, she creates paintings with the goal of better understanding and communicating the ways we construct relationships to nature. Her work explores human vulnerability to the elements and how this results in awe and control of the natural world. She uses color and composition to build controlled depictions of transformative elements of nature such as fire, water, and storms.
IMG_6073 (1) - Corinne Elizabeth Cox
IMG_6420 - Corinne Elizabeth Cox
A7E6AC27-456F-42D6-AA29-71D37B3587FB - Corinne Elizabeth Cox