Far From Local: policy and practice (of art and culture) around the globe

V.2, n.1, Summer 2010 Editors Note Rebecca Hernandez and Ania Szremski, co-editors When our shaky, if giddily profitable, financial infrastructure shattered around us in 2008, the art world (like any other sector) soberly realized that business as usual was no longer possible. Non-profits closed their doors within months, some museums began deaccessioning collections, capital campaigns floundered mid-stream and certa
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85 New Wave: An Experimental Art System in China Hantao Shi How to Approach the Official Art Institution: an Introduction The Chinese official art institution refers to the party and state oriented dynamics of the cultural policies that have been implemented in communist China. This institution monopolizes the majority of available resources and holds absolute leadership in every aspect of the arts, transplanting pol
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GLOBAL ART AND MUSEUMS IN THE NEW URBAN INDIA: BUILDING THE DEVI ART FOUNDATION AND THE KOLKATA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART by Grace Murray A major art museum building boom has taken place around the world in the last decade, with the creation of new cultural institutions accompanying the rapid economic growth of many countries, particularly in Asia and the Middle East. In India, private collectors and philanthropists are s
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A BRIEF SURVEY OF CENSORSHIP IN CANADIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS by Katrina Enros Difficult economic times are trying for all businesses, but cultural institutions, so often financially dependent on granting organizations, tourism, and leisure dollars, are frequently the first to feel the effects. When economic panic sets in, there is the risk of submitting to demands by sponsors, granting organizations, audiences, or
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CULTURAL EVOLUTIONS IN THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES By Allison White The market expansion that has taken place in the United Arab Emirates over the last decade has been sparked by the country’s desire to broaden its oil-based economy as local supply wanes and global energy interests shift. The government has focused its investment in the sectors of finance and tourism, seeking to lure international businessmen and travel
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THE ARS AEVI PROJECT By Paige K Johnston War and times of crisis devastate lands, dissolve governments, and disenfranchise citizens. Aggressors employ tactics intended to crush national symbols and destroy aspects of cultural life that might serve as historical reminders or unifying forces. In 1992, the newly formed Serbian army, under the leadership of Slobodan Milosevic, laid siege to Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
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